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DC Shunts By Blue Seas
Cat. No. BS-SUN

DC Shunts
•    Power all Blue Sea Systems’ external shunt, DC ammeters
•    For continuous operation it is recommended that shunts
     not be run at more than two-thirds (66%) the rated current
     under normal conditions
 Shunt Type                                Resistive, manganin metal element
 Full Scale Resistance                50 Millivolts
 Accuracy   ± 0.25 rated current
 Continuous Duty                       66% rated current
 Intermittent Duty                       100% - 5 minutes
   300% - 3 seconds
Product Documentation

8255 Dimensioned Drawing
9228 Dimensioned Drawing
9229 Dimensioned Drawing
9230 Dimensioned Drawing
9231 Dimensioned Drawing
9233 Dimensioned Drawing


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