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Battery Cap - R+ Recombination Cap
Cat. No. SWI-209018

R+ Recombination Caps by Rolls are able to catalytically recombine the hydrogen and oxygen gasses into pure water that returns to the battery cell. This drastically reduces the amount of “topping up” and virtually eliminates the danger of a hydrogen gas explosion. Corrosion is eliminated because the acid spray and fumes are contained within the cell. In general and under normal conditions, R+ Recombination Caps increase watering interval by three times - meaning up to annual watering / maintenance intervals. To avoid damaged and melted caps, always remove R+ Recombination Caps during equalization charge.


Diameter 41 mm 1.61 inch
Height 13 mm 0.50 inch

13 G 0.46 ounce
Substrait Alumina
Reactant Proprietary
Life Expectancy
8-10 years
Voltage Recombination (ml/hr/100AH capacity)
2.58V 0.7864
2.45V 0.3504
2.40V 0.2320
2.37V 0.1680
2.30V 0.0704
2.20V 0.0072
700AH Cell at 2.58 Volts, Catalyst will recombine 5.5048 ml per hour

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