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PowerBoost™ Residential Strength
Cat. No. SFW-PB

Electricity Output
Touchless cleaning with PowerBoost™ can significantly improve energy output of a PV solar electric system or a solar concentrator system. Solar panels need to be clean and free of debris to produce maximum energy. The proprietary formula cleans panels quickly and easily for just pennies a panel. PowerBoost™ proprietary formula directs water sheets away to minimize spots, and leaves a coating which keeps dirt from sticking to the panels for several months.
Effects of Dirt and Dust

A typical annual dust reduction factor is 93% or 0.93. So the “100-watt module,”
generating with some accumulated dust may operate on average at about 79 Watts.

Environmentally Friendly
PowerBoost™ is composed of environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for PowerBoost™ is available upon request.

Each quart of residential-strength PowerBoost™ may wash up to 5 kW of solar modules. Residential PowerBoost™ is packaged in an easy-to-use pre-filled applicator that attaches to a garden hose.

Applicators for PowerBoost™attach to any garden hose and can spray up to 25 feet from the ground, depending on local water pressure. To apply PowerBoost™, uniformly spray on temperate solar panels and allow foam to set for five minutes. Rinse panels with clean water. PowerBoost™ should be applied when the air temperature is at least 35°and rising.


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