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Servel Americana 400 LP Gas Refrigerator-Freezer
Cat. No. 400W

This time proven, 2-door 8 cubic foot refrigerator freezer combination can maintain 6 degree F in the freezer and 39 degrees F in the refrigerator when the outside temperature is 110 degrees F. The refrigerator section is 6.4 cubic feet, and the top freezer section is 1.6 cubic feet. Overall dimensions are 63.5" high, 23" wide, 26.5 " deep. The door openings are reversible. The average gas usage is 1/4 gallon of propane in 24 hours. Piezo lighter and temperature adjustment are accessible on the  front without opening door. This refrigerator is not AGA approved. Servel offers a 1-year warranty.


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