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Commercial Type Units wound field alternators
Cat. No. APM-26

Our best performing class of rheostat controlled wound field alternators having excellent low speed characteristics. Brush and bearing replacement is recommended every 3-5 years under continuous use. The brushes can be changed externally using a paper clip and a screw driver. Electrically isolated to meet certain code requirements. AC or DC output. The AC units are three phase wild frequency and require a remote rectification unit. For use with battery based systems only. The 120 volt and 240 Volt AC units can be used for long distance transmission with a step down transformer assembly for 12 thru 48 volt systems

     Available in:

                             12 volt                  15 to 130 amp

                             24 volt                  10 to 90 amp

                             48 volt                   6   to   60 amp

                             120 volt                4   to   25 amp

                             180-240 volt         4   to   12 amp

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