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Orion Solar Wall Light
Cat. No. 123010

The Gama Sonic Orion is a single head solar lamp for a wall mount application that features a modern look with an urban industrial twist. Installation takes minutes and comes with all necessary hardware needed for mounting this solar wall light anywhere where ample sunshine is available. Stylish and easy to install, this solar wall light is the perfect energy and money savings replacement for electric or gas-powered outdoor wall lighting.

Constructed of weather-resistant, rustproof rigid resin with a black finish, the Orion solar wall lamp incorporates our cutting-edge GS solar LED light bulb and Morph technology. Since the light fixture morphs into a solar panel, it can harness more power from the sun allowing for a longer duration and brighter light. At dusk, this solar lamp provides a brightness of 150 lumens in a warm white (2700K) color temperature for up to 12 hours on a full charge. No wiring is required. Just place this solar light in a spot with ample direct sunshine and let the sun do the rest.

  • New Solar Technology: The GS solar LED light bulb is our new patented technology that takes the conventional idea of a light bulb and incorporates it into outdoor solar lamps and lamp posts. It boasts a 10-year life span and creates an abundance of light that is like the 360° light spread of a customary incandescent bulb
  • Morph Technology: By bending solar cells to fit curved surfaces, the light fixture morphs into a solar panel and creates a larger surface area to harness power from the sun. Thus, allowing more solar panels to fit onto the light fixture, resulting in a longer battery duration and brighter light
  • Easy Solar DIY solution: The Orion Solar Wall Lamp with our new GS solar light bulb comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting it anywhere where ample sunshine is available
  • Dusk-to-Dawn Performance: This outdoor wall solar light is designed to provide automatic dusk to-dawn operation after a full day’s charge. Generally, 6 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight on the panels produce a full battery charge
  • Automatically Operated: At dusk, our revolutionary outdoor solar light bulb with 11 bright-white LEDs will turn on automatically and shine at a brightness of 150 lumens on a full solar charge
  • Fully Solar Powered: Integrated with a powerful 4W solar panel, just mount the Orion solar wall lamp at your desired location, and let the sun do the rest
  • No Electrical Wiring: No electrical wiring is required for installation, making this Gama Sonic Solar Wall Lamp the perfect light to install while offering an energy and money savings alternative to electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting
  • Warm White Light: Our Solar Light delivers a warm white light (2700K), creating the natural look of incandescent light bulb in a solar lamp setting
Part # 123010
Collection Orion
Lumens 150
Light Duration 2 Nights
Battery Volt 3.2V
Battery Capacity 1500mAh
Solar Panel Watts 4.0W
Light Type A50WW10W
# of Bulbs 1
# of LEDs 11
Battery Type GS32V15
# of Batteries 2
Solar Panel Type Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Solar Panel Finish Plastic
Features Weather Resistant Morph Technology
Style Modern Traditional
Measurements (in inches) 10.50 W x 8.50 D x 13.00 H in

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