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Mobile Data Power System
Cat. No. 425-5750-0

Under normal operating conditions, the electronics operate from primary battery voltage of the vehicle or vessel. This same voltage powers the internal battery charger that maintains the MDP internal battery in a fully charged state. The charger circuit operates on an input range of 9.5-14 volts, so even if the primary battery voltage decays the MDP internal battery will receive proper voltage and be maintained at full charge. The internal charger has a rapid recovery, three step output and temperature compensation sensor that varies the charge voltage based on ambient temperature to prolong battery life.

  • Mobile Data Power System Protects mobile computers against system crash, lengthy reboot sequences, and loss of data
  • Internal battery provides supplemental 12 volts to mobile data devices when low vehicle battery is sensed: 5A for 60 minutes, 10A for 20 min., and 25A for 8 min.
  • Contains time out circuit to preserve battery
  • Built in Multi-Stage filter provides clean power required by mobile electronics
  • Provides low output warning signals to mobile computers (such as Motorola® MW 800 series work stations)
  • Internal 3 stage, temperature compensated charger maintains internal 9 A/H back-up battery in fully charge stand-by state
  • Optional Timed Load Disconnect
  • 3 year warranty
Input 12 Vdc, 28.5 Amps Max
Output 12 Vdc Filtered
Warranty 3 Years
Weight 10 Lbs
Operating Temperature 0 To 50 C
Back-Up Volts 12.0 Vdc Nominal, From 7 A/H Internal Battery
Back-Up Amps 5 Amps For 60 Minutes, 10 Amps For 20 Minutes, 25 Amps For 6 Minutes
Battery Sealed Lead-Acid, Rechargable 7 A/H, 5 Years Typical Life
Internal Charger 2 Amps Max, 3 Stage, Temperature Compensated
Filtering Audio Through 200 MHz
Voltage Spike Potection 100 Joules, 4,000 Amps Max

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