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SolarWorld SQ80 PV Module
Cat. No. SW-SQ80

SolarWorld SQ80 PV Module
The SolarWorld SQ8O module contains 36 series connected 125 x 125 mm PowerMax® mono-crystalline silicon solar cells.

The Shell SQ80 can generate a peak power of 80 watts at 17.5 Volts.

The SolarWorld SQ8O solar module has been designed for grid connected arid industrial applications.

and Certificates
The SolarWorld SQ8O solar module meets trie following requirements:

•IEC 61215 (Pending)

•Ut-Listing 1703

•FM approved

•TUV Safety Class II (Pending)
Junction Box
The junction box provides a high quality, dust protected arid splash proof IP54-rated housing. The lousing contains a rigid connection block with screw terminals and by-pass diodes providing lot spot protection for the solar cells.
•PowerMax® mono-crystalline solar cells deliver maximum power output even under reduced light conditions.

•Dense packing of cells provides more power where space is a limitation and creates a uniform aesthetic.

•Ideal for large grid connected systems where high power density minimizes system costs.

•light electrical specifications guarantee industry leading energy yield performance.

•Highly transparent tempered glass delivers more power and ensures high Impact resistance and protection against hail, snow, Ce, and storms.

•Over 300MW of cumulative installed experience has been applied to the evolution of our mono-crystalline range to ensure that our products have a Iong and reliable service life backed by a 25 year warranty.

Electrical CharacteristicsData at Standard Test Conditions (MC)

STC: irradiate level 1000W/m2 spectrum
AM 1 .5 and cell temperature 25°C

Rated power Pr 80W
Peak power Pmpp 80W
Peak power voltage Vmpp 16.9V
Peak power current Impp 4.76A
Open circuit voltage Voc 21.8V
Short circuit current Isc 5.35A
Series fuse rating 20A
Minimum peak power Pmpp mm 76W
The abbreviation "mpp" stands for Maximum
Power Point.

Outside dimensions (in) 47.2 x 20.8
Thickness (inc, junction box) (in) 2.2
Thickness (exc. junction box) (in) 1.3
Weight (lbs) 16.7
For installation instructions, please refer to the Installation Manual which is available
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