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Intellitec Battery Control Center
Cat. No. 00-01087-100

The Intellitec Single Disconnect Battery Control Center ( BCC ) is the ideal solution for the up fitter or OEM special vehicle manufacturer.The single disconnect BCC offers reliable battery control and fusing in a compact and rugged easy to install solution. Single disconnect BCC includes a remote disconnect for the auxiliary battery, a bi directional isolator, boost start function and 10 fuses to supply protected power from the auxiliary battery and ignition switched sources. One of these outputs is hot only when the ignition is off. This can be used as a lock out for various functions such as slide outs, PC monitors, TV`s etc.
The bi directional isolator relay delay ( BIRD) function charges both batteries when either one is being charged. When the vehicle is being driven, both batteries will be charged from the engines alternator. If the vehicle is plugged into shore power, both batteries will be charged from the converter. If neither battery is being charged, the batteries are fully isolated. The controller also senses heavy loads on either battery to prevent the wrong battery from being inadvertently discharged. The controller operates by sensing the voltages on both batteries. When either battery is being charged, the controller will close the isolator solenoid, connecting the two batteries together and charging them both.

Part Number: 00-01087-000
Standby Current:Less than 1 milliamp
Ambient Temperature Range: -40C to +85C
Normal Input Voltage Range: 
10 to 18 volts
Short Term Over Voltage Protection:+26 volts
Reverse Voltage Protection: 
- 300 volts
Positive Voltage Spike Protection: 
+150 volts
Operating Environment: 
Under hood, out of direct weather

Fuse No.FunctionFuse SizeSource
Reverse Ign 
15 Amp 
Main Bat
Ign Sw 
7.5 Amp 
Main Bat
Ign Sw 15 Amp 
Main Bat
Ign Sw 
10 Amp 
Main Bat
Aux Start Sw 
5 Amp 
10 Amp 
Disconnected Aux Bat
15 Amp 
Disconnected Aux Bat
15 Amp 
Disconnected Aux Bat
15 AmpDisconnected Aux Bat
F10Step Power 
25 Amp 
Disconnected Aux Bat
Note: The sum of the continuous current through F2+F3+F4 must not exceed 30 Amps
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