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How Much Power Will a Solar Module Produce in my Location?

Insolation Map Index
The numbers listed on these maps are the average worst case insolation hours. Insolation hours provide a way of predicting the output of a solar module at a specific location. This data has typically been gathered over a number of years from weather stations located throughout the world. For example, if you have an SX-60 solar module that produces 3.5A peak power in a location that has 3 hours of insolation, it can be said that the SX-60 will produce 10.5AH a day. 

A word of caution. This insolation information should be used only for estimates. Solar systems should not have a final design based on this information. This map does take into account small climate changes and may not be 100% accurate for all locations. EcoVantage has a vast resource of databases that have specific cities listed with accurate insolation data. Please allow us to verify any critical design before purchasing.

United States (73K)

Canada (58K)

Mexico, Central America, Caribbean (58K)

Mideast (42K)

North Western third of Africa (60K)

North Eastern third of Africa (56K)

Southern third of Africa (67K)

Indonesia (63K)

Northern half of South America (60K)

Southern half of South America (56K)


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