Frequently Asked Question

Can I Save electrical power on my refrigerator? 

Modern refrigerators that include a heating element to defrost automatically use approximately 10 times the electrical power that an efficient one does. The space age Sun Frost refrigerators have approximately eight times more insulating in the sides and door than the regular domestic ones do. If you will feel the outside of your home refrigerator you will discover that the box is cold. This means that you are wasting a lot of electrical energy cooling the room as well as your box. Another major difference between the regular ones and the energy efficient ones is that they have their compressor installed on top so that the excess heat from the plates and motor will go into the room rather than heat up your box. 

The Sun Frost refrigerators are very expensive, but they actually pay for themselves in reduced power consumption. They use only about 10 kilowatts of power per month compared with the normal refrigerator which uses 110 kilowatts per month. This is the reason that we have sold so many where people are needing a dependable refrigerator for their home or cabin. If they were to use solar electric panels to run the normal refrigerator then they would need an excessive amount of panels and therefore wasting money. 


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