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Does Solar Cooking Really Work? 

The sun is a very hot spot in the universe and there are several ways for you to use this heat. In order to use the sun to cook you need to have some form of heat focal collection. The simplest way to do this is for you to make a box using any material, add a clear top and enclose the inside with aluminum foil so when you point the box towards the sun it will become hot. Then you can add a pot for your food that you wish to cook. 

You can increase your temperature of your homemade cooker simply by using mirrors instead of the aluminum foil and therefore reduce your cooking time. 

There is a powerful four quarts conical 3' diameter reflector that focuses the sun's rays on a cylindrical axis solar cooking stove on the market that is very simple to operate. It has a galvanized sheet metal reflector coated with reflective film and a sturdy steel gambols with feet. We have mounted ours on a 2" pipe mounted in concrete so that we do not have to take it in after use. 

We have found that cooking with a solar cooker greatly improves the taste of the food. As an experiment we have cooked potatoes four different ways, in our oven, in our pressure cooker, in water and in our solar cooker. The potatoes were all from the same batch and we all definitely realized a much more earthly taste with the solar cooked potatoes than those cooked any other way. We have also found that meat as well as other foods does definitely taste better in our solar cooker, why I really do not know. 

Another definite advantage of having a solar cooker is that should your power go off then you will always have hot meals, as long as we have sun on our planet. 

This question was answered by Charlie and Fran Collins. 


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