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Overlander Solar Kit (190 watts)
Enjoy the peace and quiet without a generator, and no longer worry about draining your batteries while away from grid power.

Cat. No. Overlander
Weight 15 lbs

Portable Solar Kits (120, 130 & 90 watts)
Park in the shade while your kit sits in the sun to charge your batteries!

Cat. No. GP-PSK
Weight 10 lbs

RV Solar Charging Kit 10 watt
The Go Power! GP-RV-10 Solar Kit features 10 watts and 0.65 amps of charge power.

Cat. No. GP-73836
Weight 10 lbs

RV Solar Charging Kit 20 watt
The Go Power! GP-RV-20 Solar Kit features 20 watts and 1.3 amps of charge power.

Cat. No. GP-73837
Weight 10 lbs

RV Solar Charging Kit 80 watt
The Go Power! GP-RV-80 Solar Kit features 80 watts and 4.6 amps of charge power.

Cat. No. GP-72627
Weight 20 lbs

Samlex RV Solar Charger Kits
Samlex Solar currently provides three RV Solar Charging Kits which will give you a clean, green, silent and sustainable way to ensure that your batteries are fully charged and that you have a continuous source of electricity while dry camping or in the ab

Cat. No. SL-SK
Weight 18 lbs

Samlex RV Solar Expansion Kits
Do you want more power for your off-grid Samlex RV Solar Charging Kit? You can add another panel to your existing Samlex Solar system by choosing one of our three SRV-EXP Series RV Solar Expansion Kits.

Cat. No. R-SL-SXK
Weight 18 lbs

Solar Charging Expansion Kits for RV Kits
Expand your RV's solar charging kit at anytime by adding additional solar modules. Expansion kits range from 50 to 110 watts.

Cat. No. GP-RV-E
Weight 15 lbs

Solar Charging System (1140 watts)
Go Power! Solar Charging Kits are designed to keep your batteries charged. Full batteries give you the freedom to run lights, furnaces, fans and other DC appliances without the worry of running out of power.

Cat. No. GP-SOLAR-AE-6
Weight 150 lbs

Solar Charging System (760 watts)
The multi-panel kit provides 760 watts/37.2 amps of output power and paired with a Go Power!

Cat. No. GP-SOLAR-AE-4
Weight 120 lbs

Solar Elite Charging System (380 watts)
The Solar Elite System is a complete power system package ideal for full-time RVers.

Cat. No. Solar Elite
Weight 40 lbs

Solar Extreme; Solar/ Inverter System; 570 Watts
Three 190 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels (GP-PV-190M)

Cat. No. 18-8370
Weight 100 lbs

Solar Flex Kits and Modules (Flat, bendable solar)
The Go Power! Solar FlexTM panels are aerodynamic and DURABLE - a virtually unbreakable solar battery charger for RVs, boats, work trucks and long-haul trailers and sleeper cabs

Cat. No. GP-FLEX
Weight 25 lbs

Solar Kit; Eclipse MPPT Solar Series
Flexible Solar Panel; Black; 30 Amp MPPT Solar Controller

Weight 12 lbs

Weekender SW Charging System
The Weekender System combines our popular RV-125 Solar Kit and the Go Power! SW1500-12 Inverter for a complete RV power package.

Cat. No. Weekender
Weight 50 lbs

Xantrex Solar Kits and Expantion Kit
The Xantrex Solar 100W and 160W kits feature solar panels with 5 busbars and PERC

Cat. No. 780-01x0-0x
Weight 30 lbs

Xantrex Solar Max Flex Kits
The Xantrex Solar Max 80W, and 220W flex kits

Cat. No. 784-xx
Weight 12 lbs

Xantrex Solar Max Flex Kits 220w
The Max panels also feature a peel-and-stick adhesive backing that removes the need to glue or drill your flexible panel.

Cat. No. 784-0220-02
Weight 13 lbs

Xantrex Solar Portable Flex Kit
The Xantrex Solar 100W portable flex kit features an incredibly lightweight and compact solution.

Cat. No. 783-0100-01
Weight 14 lbs

Xantrex Solar Portable Kit
The Xantrex Solar 100W and 160W portable kits feature solar panels with 5 busbars and PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) mono-crystalline cells, a special cell technology that increases panel efficiency significantly over standard solar cells.

Cat. No. 782-01xx-01
Weight 36 lbs

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