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Canoe Paddles
Aluminum and Wood Paddles

Cat. No. 117xxx
Weight 10 lbs

Deck Plates
Allow addition of storage options to your canoe, kayak, or small boat.

Cat. No. 1279x
Weight 1 lbs

Hand-Operated Bilge Pumps
Safely remove unwanted water, and other liquids from kayaks and other small boats

Cat. No. HOBP
Weight 2 lbs

Kayak Cockpit Cover
Universal-fit cover made with 210 Denier nylon.

Cat. No. 11775-5
Weight 1 lbs

Kayak Handle Replacement Set
Tough but comfortable, designed kayak carry handles for replacement on most kayak types and brand

Cat. No. 11944-7
Weight 0.5 lbs

Kayak Hoist System
Complete hoist system for kayaks, canoes, bikes, ladders, and more.

Cat. No. 11953-4
Weight 6.95 lbs

Kayak Paddles
Straight Kayak Paddles and Asymmetrical Kayak Paddle

Cat. No. 1176xx
Weight 12 lbs

Kayak Roof Rack – J Style
Easy to install kayak carrier mounts securely and safely to most standard and aftermarket roof rack cross bars

Cat. No. 11441-4
Weight 12.4 lbs

Kayak Skirt
Keep water out of the kayak with this universal-fit spray skirt made with
polyurethane-coated 210 Denier nylon.

Cat. No. 11776-5
Weight 1 lbs

Kayak/Canoe Cart
Haul your kayak easier than ever with Attwood’s new Kayak/Canoe Cart, now with premium wheels!

Cat. No. 11930-4
Weight 9.1 lbs

Paddle Clips
Secures paddles for freeing up both hands or resting from paddling.

Cat. No. 11780-6
Weight 0.3 lbs

Paddle Lanyards
Paddle Lanyards

Cat. No. 119xx
Weight 2 lbs

Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat
Attwood’s adjustable kayak seat provides a padded seat cushion and ample back support.

Cat. No. 11778-2
Weight 1 lbs

Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Paddle
Paddle Board (SUP) Paddle

Cat. No. 11772-1
Weight 10 lbs

Telescoping Paddle
High impact plastic blade with corrosion-resistant aluminum pole

Cat. No. 1182x-1
Weight 8 lbs

Vibrant Asymmetrical Paddles
Unique blade shape increases stroke efficiency and minimizes flutter in the water

Cat. No. 1175xx
Weight 10 lbs

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