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12 Volt Receptacle
The Park Power family of 12 Volt products are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. Exclusive to Park Power 12 Volt products is a unique interlocking system that securely locks the plug into the receptacle.

Cat. No. 12VRCRV
Weight 1 lbs

12 volt Receptacle & Bracket
Spring loaded flip lid cover and 2018BR receptacle, pre-assembled. Convenient mounting

Cat. No. M-2018BR-MB
Weight 1 lbs

50A 3P4W Flanged Inlet
50A 3 Phase 4 Wire Flanged Inlet

Cat. No. MP-50A 3P4W
Weight 1 lbs

Contoured Power Inlet 30 Amp 125 Volt
30 Amp Inlet (Male Onley)

Cat. No. M-304EL-BRV
Weight 2 lbs

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
Marine Electrical Duplex GFCI Receptacle (15-Amp Straight Blade, 125-Volt, Female

Cat. No. M-1591-FI
Weight 1 lbs

Power Inlet 15A
15A 125V inlet front mount

Cat. No. M-150BBI.RV
Weight 2 lbs

Power Inlet 20 Amp
Use to provide 20A 125V detachable power to small towables, trailers, or cabins.

Cat. No. M-200BBI
Weight 2 lbs

RV Contour Power Inlet 50A 125/250V
50 Amp Inlet (Male Onley)

Cat. No. M-6344EL-BRV
Weight 2 lbs

RV Power Inlet 30 amp Standard
30 Amp Inlet (Male Onley)

Cat. No. M-301ELRV
Weight 2 lbs

RV Power Inlet 30A Stainless Steel
Accepts all ParkPower™ detachable power 30A cordsets.

Cat. No. M-303SSEL-BRV
Weight 2 lbs

RV Power Inlet 50A 125/250V Stainless Steel
Easy Lock™ system quickly locks the cord set to the inlet in just 1/8 of a turn.

Cat. No. M-6373EL-BRV
Weight 3 lbs

RV Power Inlet 50A 125/250V Standard
50 Amp 125/250 Volt Non-Metallic Inlet

Cat. No. M-6353ELRV
Weight 3 lbs

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