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Cabin Light Lamp 3 LED
Cabin Light Lamp 3 LED 12 Volt

Cat. No. AEE-66.4503
Weight 1 lbs

PD210 Series 12-Volt Convenience Lights
The 210 Series 12-Volt Convenience Light is perfect for illuminating closets, cabinets, or under the sink.

Cat. No. PD210-111V
Weight 0.5 lbs

PD787 Series 12-Volt Reading Light
The PD787 Series 12-Volt Reading Light is perfect for closeup reading or other work requiring excellent illumination.

Cat. No. PD787-26V
Weight 1 lbs

PD793 Series 12-Volt Clip-on Bunk Light
The PD793 12-Volt Clip-on Bunk Lights are specifically designed for the RV industry. Switch and switch less models available with optional Power Port.

Cat. No. PD793WWV
Weight 0.5 lbs

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