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Nor'easter Wind Speed Indicator
AC or 9V battery powered anemometer, displays wind speed up to 99 MPH on a two-digit LCD. Housed in a light wood block nad can be mounted on wall or desktop.

Cat. No. I-MWSI
Weight 1 lbs

Sirocco Wind Speed Indicator
A compact anemometer that registers wind speeds to 100 mph. Mounted in a mahogany-stained solid maple block and factory calibrated to 3% of full scale for accuracy.

Cat. No. I-SWSI
Weight 1 lbs

Wind Speed Indicator Vigilant
Measures wind speed up to 100 MPH (160 km/h), with memory of high gust via a mechanical Gust Register.

Cat. No. Vigilant
Weight 2 lbs

Wind Speed Indicator Vigilant Scale Doubler
Wind speed instrument housed in a solid brass case, with a silver dial and black numerals.

Cat. No. i-WPIVSD
Weight 2 lbs

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