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Air Temperature Sensor
Precision thermistor potted in a nickel-plated, brass probe that is 1/2" O.D. and 1.00" in length. Includes 60', 22 AWG, 2-wire, UV protected cable.

Cat. No. I-ATS
Weight 1 lbs

Outside Humidity Sensor
Outside humidity sensor for Stratus only, housed in a sintered bronze enclosure with 60' cable.

Cat. No. OHSW
Weight 1 lbs

Power Supply
Power Supply

Cat. No. PS
Weight 0.5 lbs

Rain Collector
Tipping bucket, self-emptying rain collector. 8" diameter openning meets NWS specifications for size and accuracy

Cat. No. I-RC
Weight 1 lbs

Replacement Switch for Maximum Rain collector
Replacement switch assembly for Maximum Rain Collectors manufactured after January 1996.

Cat. No. RS
Weight 1 lbs

Sensor Evaluation Kit
This sensor evaluation kit

Cat. No. I-SEK
Weight 1 lbs

Water Temperature Sensor
Intended for boats, pools and hot tubs, this precision thermistor is potted in a solid Naval bronze rod, bored to accept the thermistor in its very end, along with potted wiring

Cat. No. I-WTS
Weight 1 lbs

WeatherLogger II with Weather View 32 Home Edition
WeatherLogger II with Weather View 32 Home Edition Allows you to collect and save the weather data from your wireless instruments and display the information on your computer. Complete with wireless receiver and Weatherview 32 software.

Cat. No. WLii
Weight 1 lbs

Wind Direction Distributor & Vane
Ideal for applications where precise wind direction is not a requirement

Cat. No. I-WDDV
Weight 1 lbs

Wind Speed Sensors
Maximum 3-cup anemometers have proven themselves in wind tunnel tests,

Cat. No. Anemometer
Weight 1 lbs

Wireless Air Temperature Sensor
Air temperature sensor/transmitter for wireless temperature instruments.

Cat. No. WATS
Weight 1 lbs

Wireless Receiver
A single receiver can collect transmissions from as many transmitters as your system includes.

Cat. No. WR
Weight 1 lbs

Wireless Wind Transmitter
Transmitter for wireless wind sensors.

Cat. No. WWT
Weight 1 lbs

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