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1,000°F Fiberglass Blanket, Vermiculite Coated
These 24-ounce Fiberglass Blankets offer good spark and spatter protection

Cat. No. 3018805JS
Weight 1 lbs

600°F Fiberglass Blanket, One-Side Neoprene Coated
These 24-ounce Fiberglass Blankets offer good spark and spatter protection.

Cat. No. 3018758JS
Weight 2 lbs

All-Weather Blanket
Blanket is a NASA by-product that reflects and retains over 80% of radiated body heat.

Cat. No. 8125LFA
Weight 2 lbs

Emergency Blanket
Emergency Blanket (52" x 84")

Cat. No. B502F
Weight 1 lbs

Emergency Blanket in zip lock bag
Using state-of-the-art technology, these blankets effectively reflect back 90% of a person's body’s heat when wrapped around them. 84" x 52".

Cat. No. Z801AC
Weight 0.5 lbs

Emergency Blankets 5 Box/12 Case
First Aid Only™ Emergency Blankets are great additions to any first aid or emergency kit.

Cat. No. I800AC
Weight 2 lbs

Log Pillow
Soft Touch 100% Poly Micro Fleece

Cat. No. KO421-KM-LP
Weight 0.5 lbs

Lumberjack Sherpa Throw
Lumberjack Sherpa Throw - 50" x 60"

Cat. No. 41x-KM-LJST-SM-RB
Weight 1 lbs

Wood Chip Pillow
Foam Padded

Cat. No. KO422-KM-WCP
Weight 0.5 lbs

Wool Fire Blanket
Wool Fire Blanket measures 56" x 80" and is treated for fire retardancy.

Cat. No. 650200BR
Weight 2 lbs

Wool Humanitarian/Emergency Relief Blanket
Weighing a hefty 2 1/4 lbs and measuring 80" x 62",

Cat. No. 5309LFA
Weight 2 lbs

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