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Kussmaul 700 watt Inverter
700 watt continuous / 1230 watt surge

Cat. No. K-450-0700-0
Weight 6 lbs

Kussmaul 1000 watt Inverter
1000 watt continuous / 1750 watt surge

Cat. No. K-450-1000-0
Weight 8 lbs

Kussmaul 1500 watt Inverter
1500 watt continuous / 2650 watt surge

Cat. No. K-450-1500-0
Weight 10 lbs

Kussmaul 2000 watt Inverter
2000 watt continuous / 3500 watt surge

Cat. No. K-450-2000-0
Weight 12 lbs

Kussmaul 3000 watt Inverter
3000 watt continuous / 6000 watt surge

Cat. No. K-450-3000-0
Weight 19 lbs

Kussmaul 3000TQ-12 watt Inverter - Charger
Inverter-Charger, 3000TQ-12, uses 12 volt battery power to produce pure sine wave 120V power in mobile applications,

Cat. No. K-430-1230-0
Weight 68 lbs

Kussmaul Auto Power 2000W Inverter - Charger
2000 Watt Continuous / 4000 Watt surge Charger: 100 Amps Max

Cat. No. K-091-269-12-2000
Weight 60.5 lbs

Kussmaul Auto Power 3000W Inverter Charger
3000 Watt Continuous / 6000 Watt surge Charger: 150 Amps Max

Cat. No. K-091-269-12-3000
Weight 69.5 lbs

Kussmaul Auto Power1500W Inverter Charger ( AP 1500 )
The 1500-12, Inverter-Charger, uses 12 volt battery power to produce pure sine wave 115 VAC power in mobile applications, and recharges vehicle batteries when an external AC source is available.

Cat. No. K-091-263-12-1500
Weight 38.5 lbs

Magnum MM Series Inverter/Charger
The MM Series Inverter is designed to accommodate entertainment systems and small appliances in smaller RVs and boats. Available in 600 and 1200 watt models - the MM series in an all new design - is the most cost effective inverter available from Magnum

Cat. No. MM20xx
Weight 20 lbs

Magnum MS-AE Series Inverter/Charger
The MS Series Inverter/Charger from Magnum Energy a pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for the most demanding mobile and off grid applications. The MS Series is powerful, easy-to-use, and best of all, cost effective.

Cat. No. ME20xxAE
Weight 40 lbs

Mastervolt Mass Sine 24/5000 (230V/60Hz)
Clean, true sinewave inverter technology that delivers AC power to onboard devic

Cat. No. MV-24195100
Weight 41.9 lbs

NewMar 1000 watt inverter
The 12-1000-PS, is an advanced true sine wave power inverter perfect for operating appliances and equipment requiring up to 1000 watts.

Cat. No. K-430-1000-0
Weight 9 lbs

ProSport Cup Holder Power Inverter
ProSport Cup Holder Power Inverter

Cat. No. PP-79018
Weight 1 lbs

Xantrex Freedom 458 Inverter/Chargers
Xantrex Freedom 458 Inverter/Chargers

Cat. No. 81-1010
Weight 25 lbs

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