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Accessories for High Idle Systems
Accessories for High Idle Systems

Cat. No. Parts
Weight 1 lbs

Adapter Kit Used with 091-84-G2 High Idle
Adapter Kit Used with 091-84-G2 High Idle

Cat. No. 091-84-042
Weight 2 lbs

Auto Throttle 1
Engine Idler which contains ON & OFF switches to permit manual control of high idle.

Cat. No. 091-84
Weight 1 lbs

DC Power Conditioner NAV-PAC®
Mobile communication electronics such as programmable two-way radio and data transceivers, vehicle location systems and other microprocessor-controlled devices require clean and steady DC input power.

Cat. No. K-NP-12
Weight 5.9 lbs

DC Power Conditioner StartGuard™
Provides Voltage Protection During Engine Start

Cat. No. K- NS-12-20
Weight 5.5 lbs

Engine Idler
The Engine Idler is an input module of a high idle system, which works with the voltage monitor, and permits an operator to turn the high idle system On or Off.

Cat. No. 091-84-005
Weight 1 lbs

Kits for High Idle Systems
Kits for High Idle Systems

Cat. No. KitsHIS
Weight 4 lbs

Mobile Data Power System
The Mobile Data Power, model MDP-25, is a DC UPS that solves the common problem of lengthy reboot sequences

Cat. No. K-MDP-25
Weight 9.4 lbs

Voltage Monitor
The Voltage Monitor is an under voltage sensor module designed to automatically enable a high idle system when the sensed voltage drops. This is a companion part to the Engine Idler.

Cat. No. 091-84-004
Weight 1 lbs

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