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AEE Solar NEMA 4X 12 Circuit Array Combiners
These 12 circuit array combiners are available in fiberglass, powder-coated steel and stainless steel
versions. The NEMA-4X enclosure allows them to be mounted in any position.

Cat. No. AEE-53.003x
Weight 5 lbs

600VDC-rated disconnect has a built-in 4-input fused array combiner. Four 10-amp 600VDC fuses are included. Bring up to 8 module strings together, two into each fuse holder. Maximum fuse size: 10 amps. NEMA-3R outdoor enclosure, 5 year warranty.

Cat. No. SMA DC-030-03181
Weight 5 lbs

IQ™ combiner series
IQ Combiner 3C with Enphase IQ Envoy™ printed circuit board for integrated revenue grade PV production metering

Cat. No. X-IQ-AM1-240-3 M
Weight 16 lbs

MidNite Big Baby Box 9x5x4
The original Baby box has been a huge success in filling an industry need. It does have it’s short comings though as it is a very small enclosure.

Cat. No. 716105 MNBBB
Weight 3 lbs

MidNite MNBB Baby Box 1-4 Din breakers
PV disconnect,

Cat. No. SWI-716018
Weight 2 lbs

MidNite MNEDC-Quad
Enclosure holds 4 MNEDC80 type breakers

Cat. No. MNEDC-Quad
Weight 4 lbs

MidNite Solar MNPV Combiners
Powder-coated aluminum, rainproof array combiners.

Cat. No. MNPVx
Weight 5 lbs

MidNite Solar Pass-Tru Wiring Box
These ETL Listed Pass-Thru Wiring Box are intended to provivde a robust, secure, and code compliant method of transferring the Multi-Contact USE-2 type conductor coming from the PV array to THHN/THWN-2 type conductor.

Cat. No. PTWB-53.00271
Weight 3 lbs

OutBack FLEXware PV Combiners
The OutBack Power Systems FLEXware PV combiner series is ideal for both small or large
power systems.

Cat. No. FWPVx
Weight 5 lbs

SMA - Combiner Boxes
These 600VDC-rated array combiners are in NEMA 3R enclosures and feature DIN Rail mounted touch-safe fuse holders for use with KLKD fuses.Input Terminals take wire from 10 AWG to 6 AWG.

Weight 5 lbs

SolaDeck, PV Roof-Mount Enclosure/Combiner
This weather tight NEMA 3R enclosure is made from 18 gauge galvanized steel with powder coated finish provides a professional look.

Cat. No. SD-780
Weight 5 lbs

Sunny Tripower DC Connection/Combiner
SMA, Sunny Tripower DC Connection Unit

Cat. No. CU1000-US-10
Weight 12 lbs

Wiley Electronics Acme Conduit Entry
This transition box to go from MC cables to conduit is made from corrosion resistant anodized aluminum.

Cat. No. ACE-PT
Weight 5 lbs

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