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Intellitec Univ 12V Lamp Dimmer
Cat. No. 00-00263-x00
Weight 2 lbs

Light Dimmer

Intellitec's Light Dimmer offers the RV owner the convenience of dimming the interior lights from full brilliance to a more comfortable level for watching television or entertaining guests. The unit allows dimming of incandescent lights from full brilliance to complete darkness with the turn of a knob. It also has a push button switch that provides a push-on/push-off function so that the light level need not be changed.

The unit will handle up to 6.5 amps of incandescent lamps. It is a two terminal controller that wires in series with the light. It can be wired either in the high side or low side of the circuit.

Part Number : 00-00263-000 (Cream)
Operating Voltage: 10 to 16 VDC
Current carry capabilities: Low side 7.5A Max
High side 7.5A Max
Standby current draw: 2 milliamps
Operating temperature: -40 C to +85 C
(-40 F to +185 F)

00-00263-000    SHPBL Univ 12V Lamp Dimmer - Cream   
00-00263-001    12V 6.5A Lamp Dimmer - Black


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