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Intellitec Water Pump Controller
Cat. No. 00-00145-100
Weight 1 lbs

Intellitec's Water Pump Controller, first in the family of MONOPLEX devices, offers the following benefits to water pump switching.

Minimizes the use of heavy gauge wire that runs throughout the coach. Only two 14 gauge wires need to be run from the power source to the pump.
Multipoint switching can be added any where along the network using simple wiring.
Signaling from multiple points along the single wire MONOPLEX TM  can be easily accomplished with inexpensive switches,providing momentary contact to ground.
Simplified switches (momentary buttons) increase reliability.
Negligible standby current makes this system superior to conventional multipoint relay switching.
Labor and initial installation costs are reduced compared to multipoint switching using conventional switching.

The is MONOPLEXTM Water Pump Controller designed to operate as a "low side", remote switch in 12 volt DC systems. As it's name implies, it was designed to control the domestic water pump. It's use, however, is not limited to that. It can also be
used to control a variety of other loads such as lighting, other pumps, fans, etc., when it is convenient to switch the ground side.

The unit is packaged in a plastic enclosure for mounting near the water pump with two flathead screws. It is capable of operating multiple switch points (as many as desired) and up to two LED power indicators may be utilized all on the same
single wire. Power can be supplied from either the battery or converter.

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