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Power Online Systems
Cat. No. SWI-POS
Weight 10 lbs

SunWize® Power Online Systems

For continuous loads of 1-1000 watts
SunWize Power Online Systems provide continuous DC power with battery backup from an AC source for applications such as microwave and cellular repeaters, Wi-Fi and WiMax networks, and RTU and SCADA. These fully integrated, weatherproof units convert AC primary power to charge a 12, 24 or 48 Vdc sealed battery bank while powering a DC load or an AC load with integral inverter option.

Since the loads are connected to the battery bank 100% of the time, there is zero transfer time in the event of a loss of AC primary power. Various battery sizes are available to provide increased backup capability and improved filtering of the charger output. Systems are housed in a weatherproof aluminum style enclosure with passive filtered venting, a universal key lock and tamper-proof hardware suitable for pole, wall or optional tower mounting.

POR System Kits include:
  • NEMA 3R white powder coated outdoor rated enclosures
  •  Cotek and SENS battery chargers available
  •  NEC compliant pre-wired control panels
  •  Completely pre-assembled control panel with DIN rail & pre-drilled aluminum backplate
  •  All breakers & terminal blocks pre-wired for array, battery, and loads
  •  All POR systems use Morningstar Load Controllers
  •  Current compensated Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
  •  Temperature Compensation
  •  Overload, short-circuit, high voltage, reverse polarity, and lightning/transient surge protection

Shipping and handling:
Power Online Systems are designed to withstand rugged transportation to remote sites. Each subsystem is fully assembled and factory tested before shipment.

Part Number
Model Discription
200302 POR-180-12-108-FWX 180W Charger / 12V / 108 Amp-hr20.8H x 16 W x 14.4D, 30lbs
200304 POR-180-12-216-FWX 180W Charger / 12V / 216 Amp-hr20.75H x 24.75W x 14.5D, 28lbs
200305 POR-300-12-432-FWX 300W Charger / 12V / 432 Amp-hr47H x 16 W x 14.4D, 45lbs
200306 POR-420-12-530-FWX 420W Charger / 12V / 530 Amp-hr23.8H x 31.3 W x 20.5D, 55lbs
200308 POR-600-12-630-TWX 600W Charger / 12V / 630 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 23.8D, 75lbs
200309 POR-600-12-795-TWX 600W Charger / 12V / 795 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 23.8D, 75lbs
200310 POR-960-12-1060-TWX 960W Charger / 12V / 1060 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 23.8D, 75lbs
200311 POR-960-12-1664-TWX 960W Charger / 12V / 1664 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 46D, 150lbs
200314 POR-100-24-108-FWP 100W Charger / 24V / 108 Amp-hr20.8H x 16 W x 14.4D, 30lbs
200315 POR-100-24-216-FWP 100W Charger / 24V / 216 Amp-hr47H x 16 W x 14.4D, 45lbs
200316POR-360-24-265-FWX 360W Charger / 24V / 265 Amp-hr20.5H x 31.3 W x 23.8D, 55lbs
200318 POR-360-24-420-TWX 360W Charger / 24V / 420 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 23.8D, 75lbs
200319 POR-360-24-530-TWX 360W Charger / 24V / 530 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 23.8D, 75lb
200320 POR-600-24-630-TWX 600W Charger / 24V / 630 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 46D, 150lbs
200321 POR-600-24-840-TWX 600W Charger / 24V / 840 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 46D, 150lbs
200323 POR-960-24-1060-TWX 960W Charger / 24V / 1060 Amp-hr20.5H x 48.3 W x 46D, 150lbs
200324 POR-1200-24-1248-UWX 1200W Charger / 24V / 1248 Amp-hr46H x 48.3 W x 20.5D, 175lbs


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