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Lily Floating Fountain
Cat. No. 24401R01
Weight 3 lbs

Lily Floating Fountain

* Detachable pump system
* Fountain height up to 45cm
* Resin Leaf

Easy installation pond pumps and fountains
Our solar fountains are ideal for every garden irrespective of size or style. Our range of free floating and submersible pumps come complete with a solar panel either integrated into the product or free standing for remote location. Our pumps produce varying fountain heights, which range from 20 cm up to 2.5 meters. We offer a choice of fountain heads to provide a variety of spray options.

* No mains wiring - simply install and enjoy
* Safe solar powered low voltage pump
* Powered by the latest solar technology
* No assembly tools required
* Installs in minutes
* No operating costs

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