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Atwood XT Water Heaters
Weight 46 lbs

The Atwood XT ®Provides the Equivalence of a 16-Gallon Water Heater!

Save Money—The Atwood XT® comes pre-configured for installation with a winterizing bypass capability, reducing OEM’s installation expense. The Atwood XT ® can also be installed in the same cut-out space as the current, popular Atwood Water Heater, saving OEMs the expense of having to redesign their coaches to accommodate for bigger, bulkier, heavier water heaters.

Save Time—The Atwood XT® pre-configured winterizing capability eliminates one additional, time-consuming installation step. The valve, hose, tee, and thermostatically-controlled mixing valve, with a check valve and a cold water passage, allows you to isolate and drain the tank and pump antifreeze through the plumbing circuit. Because Atwood has greatly increased hot water output while maintaining the size and weight of the water heater, OEMs can simply install the Atwood XT ® in the same cut-out dimension that they have grown accustomed!

Save Weight—A comparable 16-Gallon water heater would weigh about 50 pounds more with the weight of 6 gallons of water and the additional material needed to build a larger water heater than the 10-gallon XT. The Atwood XT ® uses Exothermal Technology to provide the equivalence of 16-Gallons of hot water while maintaining the same weight as the best-selling, popular Atwood Water Heaters the industry has grown accustomed to. A comparable 9-gallon water heater would weigh about 25 pounds more than the 6-gallon XT.

Save Space—Atwood’s Exothermal Technology has increased the hot water output of the Atwood XT ® Water Heater, not the size of the water heater!While some manufacturers are trying to provide additional hot water by creating bigger, bulkier, heavier water heaters, Atwood provides a more efficient solution— Atwood XT® — The Intelligent Way to Deliver More Hot Water!

90073 G9-EXT 9 gal Gse/Exothernal
90071GE9EXT 9 ga Gas/Electreic/Eothermal
94105 G16TESP
16 gal Gas/Elect
94026 GE16-EXT 16 gal GAS/Electric/Exothernal


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