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Load Manager P
Cat. No. 091-141
Weight 2 lbs

Model # 091-141

Blue BulletSheds 1 Load
Blue Bullet30 Amp Relay Contact Rating
Blue BulletLow Voltage Disconnect
Blue BulletPrevents Inadvertent Battery Discharge
Blue BulletDisconnects Load 1 Hour After Engine Shutdown
Blue BulletEngine Start Shutdown Protected
Blue Bullet3 Year Warranty

The Model 091-141 Load Manager P is a precision low voltage disconnect designed to shut down a radio or computer to prevent complete discharge of a vehicle's battery. In addition a timer is provided that will shut down the load 1 to 2 hours after the engine is stopped. This permits an operator to use the radio for a period of time after engine shutdown and yet protects the battery if the operator forgets to turn the radio "OFF". An over-ride input from the starter prevents de-energizing the load due to low voltage which may occur during engine "cranking". Easily installed, this Load Manager is ideal for police cars and emergency vehicles.    

Input: 12 volts D.C.
: .040 amps, relay ON / .004 amps. relay OFF

: Relay contacts, 30 amp.

Load Shed Voltage: 11 to 12.85 volts (factory set to 11 volts)
Load Shed Time
: 1 to 2 hours, (factory set to 1 hour)

Starter Inhibit
: Load will not be shed due to Low voltage while engine is Being "cranked" (eliminates rebooting computer)

: .5 lbs

: 3 Years
Instruction Manual.pdf (54 Kb)


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