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Alternate Action Relay
Cat. No. 091-98-12
Weight 2 lbs

Model # 091-98-12

  30 Amp Contacts
  Load May be Turned ON and OFF from Multiple Locations
  Indicator Output Indicates Position of Relay
  Easy Installation    

The Model 091-98-12 Alternate Action Relay is designed to remotely turn a load ON and OFF by grounding an input to the relay. The application of a ground energizes the relay and turns the load "ON". A second input to the same terminal de-energizes the relay and turns the load "OFF". Both inputs may come from the same switch or from any number of switches in parallel. Thus a load may be turned "ON" from one location and turned "OFF" from another. An output on the Alternate Action Relay operates a remote indicator to indicate when the load is energized.

Input nominal: 12 volts D.C.
Output relay
: 30 amperes

Indicator output
: .5 amperes, grounding

: 4 oz

: 3 Years

Outline Drawing
 Instruction Manual (.pdf file, 37Kb)

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