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Tubular Skylight Residential
Cat. No. EL-TS-E
Weight 40 lbs

Enjoy the brilliance of Solar Lighting in any dark room of your home, office or industry.

Our models are designed low profile for better appearance and are  manufactured to meet building codes for the home owner's peace of mind.

Skylights provide a natural source of light, and help us conserve energy by reducing dependence on electric lighting. And like windows and glass doors, they connect us with the outdoors while keeping out the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer

The National Fenestration Rating Councilís (NFRC) energy performance label can help you determine how well a skylight will perform when it comes to energy efficiency. By using the information contained on the label, architects, builders, code officials, contractors, and homeowners can:
  • Reliably compare one product with another
  • Make an informed fenestration product choice
  • Trust that a product will perform as advertised
  • Determine whether a product meets code
DO IT YOURSELF KIT Approximate Coverage Area 
6 in Tubular Skylight Kit
Approx. 75 sq. ft
10" Tubular Skylight Kit 
 Approx. 150 sq. ft
13" Tubular Skylight Kit 
 Approx. 250 sq. ft
18" Tubular Skylight Kit 
 Approx. 400 sq. ft
21" Tubular Skylight Kit 
 Approx. 500 sq. ft
24" Tubular Skylight Kit 
 Approx. 600 sq. ft
Each Kit Comes with 4 Feet of Light Tube (one, 24"  Straight peace and two 45 degree bends)
Made in the USA

Dome Assembly: high impact acrylic with UV stabilizers, vacuum-formed,  seal locked onto aluminum Dome Ring. Engineered to eliminate heat and moisture

Pitched Flashing
Flat Flashing
Curb Flashing
For Inclined Roof with a 3-5/12 (14-23 degree) pitch. For Completely Flat and Slightly Pitched Roofs with up to a 2/12 (9 degree) pitch. For Roofs with an existing or new built up curb.

Flashing: seamless one-piece, non-corrosive aluminum. 4" wide base all around to seal securely onto roof. Made pitched, flat (4", 6", 8'' heights) and curb. Can be spray painted to match roof color.

Light Tube: MiroSilver anodized aluminum with 98% reflectivity, rolled and crimped.
Elbows: made in 30o, 45
o, and 90o

Ceiling Kit: all aluminum trim and decorative ring. Decorative ring powder-coated white and interlocks with trim ring for easy cleaning

Double Glazed Diffuser: vacuum-formed, high impact  acrylic, clear and decorative layer.
Diffuser options: Prismatic & White, Flat or Domed, and MaxLum.

Elite Solar Systems has the tubular skylight for every room in your house.

In the kitchen, stop turning on and off those lights at day time, start saving electricity while doing all your kitchen work under the cool natural sun light.


No more dark hallways, even the darkest hallway of your house, you can turn it into a bright place to be or have pictures and paintings to enjoy.

Tubular Skylight Kit,
6 in  6ETS-E
1-24in Tube, 2-8in 45 deg Elbows
10 in 10ETS-E
1-24in Tube, 2-12in 45 deg Elbows
13 in 13ETS-E
1-24in Tube, 2-12in 45 deg Elbows
18 in 18ETS-E
1-24in Tube , 2-12in 30 deg Elbows
21 in 21ETS-E
1-24in Tube, 2-12in 30deg Elbows
24 in 24ETS-E 1-24in Tubes, 2-12in 30deg Elbows


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