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Auto Charge Pump Plus D System, w/ Bar Graph Display
Cat. No. 091-9-12V-DPP
Weight 26 lbs

The Auto Charge D Pump Plus is a small air compressor and a dual battery system automatic battery charger designed especially for vehicles with a DDEC engine control and a separate engine battery. The compressor is a standard Auto Pump. These vehicles have a unique problem. The vehicle may have a number of batteries connected in parallel in order to obtain sufficient capacity for the electrical loads. The engine usually has only a single battery, isolated from the vehicle battery and dedicated to powering the engine electronic controls.

This configuration requires complete isolation between the chargers and automatic charging of both batteries. Also, a high capacity charger is required for the vehicle while only a small amount of charge is required to maintain the engine battery. A dual bar graph display is provided to indicate the state of charge of each battery. The display is conveniently labeled“VEHICLE” and “ENGINE” battery.

A 5 ampere Battery Saver is provided to power rechargeable hand lights or other accessories. The Battery Saver automatically disconnects these accessory loads from the battery and powers them from an internal power supply. This removes the accessory loads from the battery during charging.

A Selector Switch is provided on the charger to operate the compressor either as a D.C. compressor or as an A.C. compressor. In either switch position the compressor operates from the vehicle’s battery. When “D.C.” is selected, the compressor operates whenever the pressure switch senses low system pressure. This is useful when parking the vehicle away from the 120 volt input power. For those operators who wish to limit compressor operation to the times when the shore line is connected to the vehicle, the Selector Switch should be placed in the “A.C.” position. This will operate the compressor when the A.C. power is available, but shuts off the compressor when the shore line is removed. In either switch position the compressor is operated by the vehicle’s battery.


120 volts 60 Hz, 8 amps
Output, Vehicle Battery: 12 volts, 25 amperes
Engine Battery: 12 volts, 3 amperes
Voltage Sense: Remote electronic, no sense wires required.
Battery Saver: Output volts 12 VDC Output current 5 amps max.
Indicators: Power - indicates input power applied
Battery Saver - indicates Battery Saver load exceeds 5 amps.
Bar Graph - dual bar graph, remotely located indicates state of charge of batteries
Weight: 21 pounds
Warranty: 3 Years
Outline Drawing : 002

Input: 12 volts DC @ 12 amps
Output: .30 SCFM @ 80 PSI, .35 SCFM @ 60 PSI
Motor Type: Permanent Magnet, .10 H.P.
Overall Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 10 inches
Weight: 6 pounds
Warranty: 1 Year
Outline Drawing : 013


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