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O-4 High Beam, Key Chain
Cat. No. 22-80023
Weight 0.5 lbs

There's a star out there that's known to be the brightest in the universe. 0-4, they call it. So when we set out to name these super-bright keychain lights, the decision was made for us. Small but intensely luminous, our stylish task lights are in an orbit of their own.

These little guys weigh a mere .03 ounces. But you wouldn't know it by the light they generate. A strong L.E.D. bulb shines from inside a polycarbonate housing on the Mini 0-4, and an aluminum housing on the 0-4 High Beam. (The High Beam is also water-resistant and impact-resistant.) Both versions feature an on/off push button and a comfortable rubber grip.

Attach one of these fine lights to your keychain, your backpack, your jacket or anywhere there's a call for instant, brilliant light.

  • Red anodized aluminum
  • Intense keychain lighting
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Light Source Type: L.E.D.
  • Light Source Quantity: 1
  • Light Source Life: Lifetime
  • Output Color: White
  • Output Color Modes: red
  • Configuration Modes: steady red
  • Housing Material(s): Aluminum


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