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Electric Sidewinder Bender
Cat. No. GB-B2555
Weight 360 lbs

The Electric Sidewinder Bender was designed to offer one-shot bends up to 180 degrees and is powered by a 110/115 V AC 20 Amp source. Engineered to bend Rigid, Rigid Aluminum, IMC, EMT and PVC Coated rigid (40 mil) conduit from .5 in. to 2 in. in diameter with interchangeable shoes. You decide which shoes to use; competitor shoes (Greenlee, Current, etc.) fit this bender and GB shoe sets fit their benders. Handle detaches and pivots out of the way for quick offset bending. Easily tilts and travels around the jobsite on never-flat tires that won't slow you down. B2555 includes: Electric Sidewinder only without shoe groups. (Shoe groups available for EMT, IMC and PVC-Coated conduit)

  • Detachable handle pivots out of the way for offset bending
  • Easy tilt to transport on never-flat tires
  • Interchangeable shoes
  • Up to 180 degree bends in 0.50 in.-2 in. Rigid and 0.50 in.-1.25 in. IMC conduit
  • B2555 includes: Electric Sidewinder Unit
  • 110/115 V AC and 20 Amp power source
  • Note: Bender and Shoe Groups can be purchased as a kit or individually
  • Model    Sidewinder®


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