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BYD Battery-Box
Cat. No. Battery-Box H
Weight 205 lbs

The BYD Battery-Box is a lithium battery with battery control unit (BCU) for usage with an external inverter. The flexible battery system provides maximum safety, lifetime and performance, which makes it the perfect battery for all applications.

B-Box H10.0
Battery-Box H5.0 - Complete 10.24kWh high voltage system consisting of one BCU and three B-Plus-H 2.5 battery modules

The Battery-Box HV is the first real high voltage battery that comes with a flexible and modular design with no cables inside. One Battery-Box HV contains 2 to 4 battery modules B-Plus H 2.5 in series connection and reaches up to 10.2 kWh usable capacity.

  B-Box H5.0 (5.12 kWh):     2 battery modules
  B-Box H7.5 (7.68 kWh):     3 battery modules
  B-Box H10.0 (10.24 kWh): 4 battery modules

Battery Control Unit (BCU) for BYD B-Box
BYD Battery 2.56kWh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery module


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