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Auto Charge WP Kits
Cat. No. K-ACWP-K
Weight 12 lbs

The Auto Charge WP Kit includes a Charger, a Display and WP Auto Eject. The WP Auto Eject is recommended for installations where the rear of the Auto Eject is protected from the weather. This kit provides a complete vehicle charging system at an affordable price.
The WP Auto Eject comes complete with Weatherproof Cover and Mating Connector. Please specify color cover when ordering. Color choices are Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Gray, and Black. Yellow will be supplied if not specified.
Please note, the charger pictured above is for the 51-02-1106 only. 

Kit Part Number Charger Display Auto Eject
57-22-1106 091-216-20/20 On Charger (1) 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
57-42-1106 091-216-40/20 091-200-IND 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
57-42-3106 091-216-40/20 091-194-IND 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
57-42-4606 091-216-40/20 091-194-IND-WT-YW 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
58-02-1106 091-35/10 091-199-001 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
53-02-1106 091-237-12 091-39-IND 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
51-02-1106 091-215-12 091-199-001 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
51-02-3106 091-215-12 091-194B-IND 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
51-02-4606 091-215-12 091-194B-IND-WT-YW 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
54-02-1106 091-66-12 091-66-IND 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
55-02-1106 091-89-12 091-39-IND 091-20WP-120-YW (4)
52-38-1106 091-187-12 091-199-001 On Charger (2) 091-20WP-120-YW
52-02-1106 091-187-12-REMOTE 091-199-001 091-20WP-120-YW
52-02-4606 091-187-12-REMOTE 091-194-IND-WT-YW 091-20WP-120-YW

Options, please specify when ordering:
(1) An ammeter is on the front of the 091-216-20/20 charger. The Auto Charge Status Centers, 091-189-12 or 091-189-12-3.5D, can be added, at an additional cost.
(2) The 091-199-001 is installed on the front of the 091-187-12 charger. The Single Bar Graph Display, 091-199-001, can also be added as a Remote Display option, at an additional cost.
(3) The 091-194-IND is installed on the front of the 091-187-12 charger. No additional remote display can be used with this indicator option.
(4) The 091-20WP-120, 20 Amp WP Auto Eject, is supplied in this kit. The 091-18WP-120, 15 Amp WP Auto Eject, can be substituted, with no additional cost.


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