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Temp Light 60w LED IP65 7,500lm 5000k
Cat. No. GB-K560
Weight 2 lbs

Bergen's K-Series LED work light is a low cost energy efficient solution for new build construction/ renovation projects and permanent lighting in warehouse, maintenance, storage and tent spaces. Easy to install, portable, versatile and light weight. Use as floor light, table top light or hang using the provided snap-lock hook. 130-Lumen per watt provides brilliant white illumination. Up to 85% energy savings, this LED work light has no filament or glass shell, no lead, no UV, no radiation and no flicker or glare.

  • Omni-directional luminaire; directs 100% of the light outward and downward
  • 10 ft. power cord/1 ft. female daisy-chain
  • For spaces with ceiling heights higher than 20 ft.
K4 and K5 Series NPA

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