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Solar Furnace Next Gen - House Heating System
Cat. No. 4 - 1500GHE
Weight 200 lbs

The Solar Furnace Next Gen wall mouint  is a new product based on the SolarSheat technology developed by Your Solar Home Inc. and uses the next generation absorber technology from TINOX. TINOX is quartz and titanium on aluminum.  This allows for maximum sunlight absorption and heat output. 

The Solar Furnace Next Gen Wall Mount is for supplemental heating a whole floor or large great room of a home.  The system uses 4 - 1500GHE SolarSheats and can be directly vented into the room or home.  It can also be connected to an existing furnace plenum for makeup solar heated air for whole house heating. Used in conjunction with the primary heating system (gas or oil) the solar furnace can provide up to 16,000 btu/hr.  The system is electrically powered and requires household power.  A solar powered version is also available. 

The Solar Furnace can be installed in a portrait(Vertical) or horizontal mode(end to end). 

Solar Furnace Next Generation system includes:

 - SolarSheat Next Generation collectors  43 x 73 x 4

4 - Full Length Portrait Wall Mounts  85

1 - 8 inch AC 110 V powered Fan - 700 CFM

1 - 5 am Rheostat

1 - Backdraft damper 8 Inch

2- Black Collars

6 - Side Hole Gaskets

1 - Thermostat and relay controller

2 - Grills

SolarSheat Installation Manual v2.0

AC 110 V powered Fan
Thermostat and relay controller
Backdraft damper 8 Inch
5 am Rheostat
Side Hole Gaskets
Full Length Portrait Wall Mounts  85
2- Black Collars
2 - Grills

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