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Trombetta PowerSeal 800amp
Cat. No. 634-1241-212
Weight 2 lbs

PowerSeal Family
The PowerSeal family includes the intermittent and continuous duty versions of this product; each is utilized in their own distinct market spaces. Both the Intermittent and Continuous duty PowerSeals are certified for RoHS, REACH and Conflict Mineral Free.

Intermittent Duty
  • Carry Current 150 Amps, Inrush 800 Amps
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volts
The power you need for high amperage applications along with the sealed construction gives the PowerSeal its name. The PowerSeal’s unique design gives it the longevity to last and be used in the harshest environmental conditions. Intermittent duty PowerSeals are used on hydraulic power packs, RVs, heavy truck starting and grid heaters, and lawn and garden applications.

Intermittent Duty Spec Sheet


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