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Riverpark Camera Video Switcher 150
Cat. No. R-CVS150
Weight 1 lbs

Camera Video Switcher

Camera input connectors changed to a Molex Mini Fit Jr type.
Ability to select each input camera power independently from 2 voltage setting (12V or 8.1V)
smaller package size
Driver security camera switching system.
It allows the driver to view the side blind spots with turn signal activation.
Reverse Override.
3 Camera Inputs

  • Operating Voltage:9 to 16 VDC
  • Camera Power:250mA maximum per Camera at either 12V or 8.1V camera voltage setting
  • 12V (Tracks J1, Pin2 input power)
  • 8.1V +/- 0.4V
  • Operating Temperature:-40C to 85C
  • Environment:Interior Use Only
  • Size (L x W x H): 4.05 x 3.05 x 1.01

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