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Cat. No. Observer
Weight 4 lbs

Observer home weather stations offer an abundance of weather information, elegantly housed in a 4-instrument arrangement.  With this simple combination of instruments, you can track five separate weather conditions.  Observer includes the Maestro, Mini-Max, Proteus and ComfortMinder on either a solid Oak or Mahogany panel.  Available with wireless instruments and also a 2-scale version of Maestro which will let you monitor winds up to 120 MPH.

Wind, outdoor temperature, indoor humidity & temperature and barometric pressure instruments

An abundance of weather information is elegantly housed in this classic 4-instrument arrangement.  With this simple combination you can track five weather conditions.  Observer home weather station is an arrangement of Maximum's Maestro, Mini-Max, Proteus and ComfortMinder, along with a 4-instrument mounting panel. Specify altitude if above 2,000.

  • Readings for wind speed, wind direction, indoor/outdoor temperature, indoor humidity and barometric pressure
  • Mechanical high gust recorder, high and low temperature memory
Panel:    18" x 20"
Power:    Standard AC Adaptor



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