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BZ MPPT 250 12 volt output 250 watt input. 25 amps max. Digital metering.
Cat. No. BZ-MPPT250
Weight 2 lbs

The model MPPT250 is a 25 amp high performance current boosting solar control.

Through the use of advanced microprocessor control and a high efficiency power converter, power wasted in older PWM style solar controls is converted into higher charge current. The MPPT250 allows for input voltage conversion.

This increases the Maximum Power Point voltage and allows for higher boost current over wider operating conditions. You can charge a 12 volt battery from a high voltage solar panel. A high accuracy digital volt and amp meter displays battery voltage and charge current. An auxiliary 100 ma 13.8 volt trickle charger is provided to keep the engine/generator start battery fully charged. A 15 amp capacity low voltage disconnect protects the battery from over discharge conditions. Proper battery charging is maintained over a wide temperature range with the battery temperature sensor. Battery float voltage is accurately regulated. Night time battery discharge is eliminated through the use of a high efficiency Schottky diode. Maximum normalized input power to the MPPT250 is 250 watts.

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