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Auto Charge Pump Plus Kits
Cat. No. 091-ACPK
Weight 15 lbs

The Pump Plus Kit includes a Charger, a Display and an Auto Pump 12V. This kit provides a complete vehicle charging system at an affordable price.
Please note, the charger pictured above is for the 53-21-1100 only. Click on the Part Number below to view the specifications of each product:

Kit Part Number
ChargerDisplayAuto Pump
51-21-11001000 PLC System, w/ Bar Graph Display
091-215-12-PP091-199-001091-9-12V (2)
51-21-31001000 PLC System, w/ Status Center
091-215-12-PP091-194A-IND091-9-12V (2)
51-21-41061000 PLC System, w/ Watertight Status Center
091-215-12-PP091-194A- IND-WT-YW091-9-12V (2)
52-21-11001200 System, w/ Bar Graph Display
091-193-12091-199-001091-9-12V (2)
52-21-31001200 System, w/ Status Center
091-193-12091-194-IND091-9-12V (2)
52-21-41061200 System, w/ Watertight Status Center
091-193-12091-194- IND-WT-YW091-9-12V (2)
56-21-1100HO System
091-237-12-PP091-39-IND091-9-12V (2)
53-21-11002000 PLC System, w/ Bar Graph Display
091-9C-HO- CHARGEROn Charger (1)091-9-12V (2)
54-21-1100D System, w/ Bar Graph Display
091-9-DPP- CHARGER091-66-IND091-9-12V (2)

Options, please specify when ordering:
(1) An ammeter is on the front of the 091-9C-HO-CHARGER charger. The Auto Charge Status Centers, 091-189-12 or 091-189-12-3.5D, or the LED Display, IN-4 can be added, at an additional cost.
(2) The 091-9-12V, Auto Pump AC, is supplied in this kit. The 091-9-12V-AD, Auto Pump AC with Auto Drain, can be substituted, at an additional cost.


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