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Generator AC/DC System Monitor
Cat. No. K-091-247
Weight 1 lbs

This color LED display instrument provides simultaneous read out of generator output data: AC Voltage, AC Frequency, AC Amperage of two legs up to 36 Kw total, DC Voltage and DC Amperage. Programmable alarm settings on each function produces 85 db audio alert as well as visual red blinking display. It logs cumulative generator operation hours with programmable service interval hour settings and notification. This is ideal for monitoring vehicle mount generator sets and meets NFPA compliance for generator Instrumentation per 1901

  • Large ½" high LED digits in high visibility green
  • 6 functions, all display simultaneously on one screen: DC Volts, DC Amps, AC Volts, AC1 and AC2 Amps, AC Frequency
  • Hour meter displays when generator is off
  • Easy function and alarm programming via 4 button key pad, with on screen menu settings
  • 4 level adjustable LCD brightness settings
  • Programmable alarms: HIGH/LOW for AC Volts and Frequency and HIGH alarm for Amps (2 lines). HIGH/LOW for DC Volts and HIGH alarm for DC Amps
  • Alarm modes: Red warning color visual indication, plus built in 85 db audible, with output signal for external alarm relay
  • User programmable service hour interval settings and notification (password protected)
  • 150A Current transformers (2 X) provided
  • DC powered 9-33 VDC, with low power consumption sleep mode (<20 ma) to conserve vehicle batteries
  • Waterproof instrument face
  • 3 year warranty
Datasheet.pdf (2.2 Mb)
Instruction Manual.pdf (1.03 Mb)

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