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12 inch Flexstraps
Cat. No. GB-UVB
Weight 1 lbs

Cable Wraptor Flexible Straps, an innovation from Gardner Bender, can simplify your life and save you money. Easier than a twist tie, more versatile than a cable tie and more flexible than hook and loop fasteners...add them to the tool box, the craft kit, and the "junk-drawer" for everyday organization needs. Wrap, Stretch, and Re-Use on everything from wrapping paper rolls, plants and plant stakes, bags of chips, charging cables and power cords.
  • Re-usable: Thread the tail backward through the last slot used, and pull to release the strap
  • 12 inch long strap with finger grips on the end and tail
  • Malleable material will stretch up to 300 percent
  • Thread 2 slots for a stronger hold on bundle
  • Multi-Bundle - 5 (1/2") bundles from 1 strap. Pull tail through slot closest to the finger grip end. Pull taut as desired. Cut one slot down from the loop. Repeat and use remaining strap for more bundles.
  • Minimum bundle diameter - 1/4 inch
  • Maximum bundle diameter - 3-1/4 inch
  • Interlinkable - thread multiple straps together for greater lengths


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