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Coleman Mach 1 Power Saver
Cat. No. 48207C966
Weight 83.5 lbs

Have you ever tripped a circuit breaker in your RV when you turned on an appliance? Often that's because you've turned on one too many electrical products and exceeded the limit of campground power supplied to your RV. The Mach 1 P.S. helps you avoid that frustration. It's an RV air conditioner designed to use less power without sacrificing cooling performance; so you can stay cool and comfortable, using the power that's left over to enjoy more of the electrical appliances in your RV.

Compatibility: 14 Inch x 14 Inch Vent Openings
BTU Level: 11000 BTU
Voltage Rating: 115 Volt AC
Ampere Rating: 9.5 Amp
Evaporator Flow Rate: 320 Cubic Feet Per Minute
Color: Artic White


  • Designed To Use Less Power Without Sacrificing Cooling Performance
  • Compressor Rating Of 11,000 Nominal BTUH, It Works Well With Smaller Generators Because Of Its Lower Amp Draw
  • Can Stay Cool And Comfortable, Using The Power That's Left Over To Enjoy More Of The Electrical Appliances In Your RV
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

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