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Cat. No. Harbormaster
Weight 1 lbs

Harbormaster is an east coast tide clock with a patented quartz movement.  Powered by a single AA battery (included), Harbormaster tracks according to the average time between lunar high tides in the Atlantic Ocean (12 hrs, 25 min.).  Fluctuations in conditions, location and the distance of the Moon from Earth can effect this average.  However, over a lunar month, Harbormaster tide clocks will provide a practical indication of local tides.  

Our simple mounting system makes it easy to remove from the wall for battery replacement or to make adjustments for different locations.

  • East coast (Atlantic Ocean) tide clock
  • Quartz accuracy
  • Easy removal mounting system
  • AA Battery included
  • Solid brass case

Tide:Atlantic Ocean (east coast of US)
Case:6.5" O.D. x 2.75" Deep
Dial:4.75" Diameter
Power:AA battery

Harbormaster Manual (189.95 KB)


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