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TED Pro Home Package
Cat. No. Pro Home
Weight 2 lbs

TED Pro Home is the most sophisticated residential electricity monitoring system available! The System comes with: An ECC (Energy Control Center), ECC power cord MTU (Measuring Transmitting Unit), MTU power cable, two (2) 200A Split-Core Current Transformers (CTs), 6' Ethernet cable, interactive Footprints software, TED Commander remote monitoring feature, iOS and Android Apps - all designed with the ability to expand to monitor additional panels or individual circuits.

Data can be viewed on any mobile device (iOS or Android), platform, or computer.

For monitoring solar/wind or additional panels, simply add an additional MTU/CT set(s) to your TED Pro Home package. TED Commander is an amazing resource for solar/wind!

Additional accessories available for purchase include the TED Spyder, which will monitor eight individual circuits of your choice. The TED Spyder allows you to monitor individual rooms/appliances, and allows you to get more in-depth information on your electricity usage.

TED Pro Home Package
For Residential / Small Commercial;
Single Phase 200A or less

  • (1) ECC
  • (1) MTU Home
  • (2) CT601B; MTU/ECC
  • Power Cables,
  • Ethernet Cable,
  • Instruction manual



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