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Bundle Boss Cable Tie Locking Clips
Cat. No. GB-BB-C01
Weight 1 lbs

Use these UV black replacement locking clips in the BB-K01 GB Bundle Boss to secure up to 100 custom-sized cable ties.

  • 100pk
  • No more wasting cable ties by inconveniently stringing them together for additional length or trimming off extra "tail"
  • The Bundle Boss Tool allows you to use these locking clips to wrap bundles from a small 1/4 in diameter to bundles that are too large for traditional cable ties
  • Designed for use with the UV Black Cable Tie Spool (GB Product BB-B01UVB)
  • Designed for use with the White Cable Tie Spool (GB Product BB-B01)
  • Custom sized to fit the bundle boss
  • UV resistance making it good for outdoor applications


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