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Cat. No. HTxx
Weight 102 lbs

Fahrenheit heat tolerant VRLA batteries. Advanced AGM technology for superior high rate,
short term power , Front access design for easy installation and maintenance

  • Exclusive IPF ® Technology optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability
  • Microcat ® Catalyst lowers float current, mitigates thermal buildup and cell dryout
  • Helios™ Additive reduces float current up to 75% enhancing high temperature life
  • TempX™ Alloy inhibits corrosion under the highest temperature extremes
  • Reinforced case resists bulging and meets safety requirements (UL 94 V-0)
  • Case & cover heat sealed and 100% tested to prevent leaks
  • Puncture resistant micro-porous glass mat separators extend lif
  • Flame arresting, low pressure, self-sealing valves are 100% factory tested
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing control processes and standards to ensure quality products
  • All batteries meet or exceed IEEE 485, 1187, 1188, and Telcordia capacity requirements at shipment
  • Battery design and construction meet UL recognition requirements

HT145ET  12-Volt/140 ampere-hours @ 8 hr. rate to 1.75  v.p.c

HT170ET 12-Volt/164 Ampere-Hours @ 8 hr. rate to 1.75 V.P.C

HT200ET 12-Volts/190 Ampere-Hours @ 8 hr. rate to 1.75 V.P.C

HT7500ET  12-Volt/750 w.p.c. @ 15 min. rate to 1.67 v.p.c.

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