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Auto Level- LED Leveling Indicator
Cat. No. 091-251-12
Weight 0.5 lbs

Auto Level- LED Leveling Indicator 

The Auto Level is an LED leveling indicator that can be used in various applications. The indicator utilizes 25 surface mount LEDs consisting of: green, yellow, and red. The 'bullseye' (green LED in center) is calibrated to ? ±0.5°. Auto detect allows for horizontal or vertical installation. Installation is simple since the indicator utilizes (2) #8 mounting holes. 3-wire hookup leads make wiring simple. The Auto Level is typically wired into a switched battery system by connecting red to battery positive and black to battery negative. The 3rd wire (white) is used for calibrating the sensor after vehicle or trailer mounting.

  • 25 PCB surface mounted LEDs: green, yellow and red
  • 1-wire zero calibration: can be recalibrated
  • Auto Orientation Detection: vertical or horizontal mount
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Two #8 mounting holes
  • Easy connection to 12V switched power
  • Lexan® overlay
  • waterproof meets IP64 standard
  • Includes mounting gasket
  • 3 year warranty
Auto Level

Datasheet.pdf (693 Kb)
Instruction Manual.pdf (272 Kb)

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